William David

Why another website?



I would fully understand why you might question the need for another website when The Halfling Project and act4ward seem to be the place for such content.

Here I am going to try to explain the reasoning behind it .

First of all williamdavid.co.uk is not a new website - it has been online since 2007 and only ceased to be my key website after a major security breach [malious hacking] a few years ago.

It took me two years to get the Domain safely back online, and in that time I had my work under a different webspace title. It should be remembered that not only is this a website but also e.mail adresses so ensured security was vital.

Since I put Williamdavid.co.,uk back online it has been little more than a links page to other websites or in recent times a direct link to act4ward.uk.

So anyway when I was thinking of new editorial and launch of "introductive" the question came - where do I show it?

If it goes on the act4ward site only many of it's intended audience and users will simply not find it. At the very least it might be confusing. Ofcourse this website will be on the act4ward index so  visitors there will soon find it, but this space is for those starting out - the one's who do not know how to start, are not aware of the potential pitfalls and scams or are frightened off by visiting self promote modelling websites where content seems to be adult in nature, and offers of work are the same. Parents quite naturally are concerned for the younger ones and I am concerned that frankly it gives us all working in this sector a bad reputation. Modelling at the moment outside professional agencies and specialised photograhers is in a bad way for those wanting to work within conventional not adult work.

Modelling has always had a scams but whilst those scams may cost a fortune for broken promises they are at  least away from adult work.

i have no objection to the adult modelling industry if it is professional and upfront, but when you have modelling sites setup for new models which seem to have little else on offer there needs to be an alternative.

When it comes to acting and peformance things are better and more controlled, but in the last few years it has be seen as an easy pickings sector to take advantage of those wanting a way into the industry and paying out lots of money in the process fo over priced acting workshops, agents who do little than take your money - basically selling the dream makes money!!

Now let me be clear here - there are many excellent industry lead workshops, i myself began with such workshops provided by the industry - and I am not against a fair price for a course or service. Simply when you select a course ensure it is biased towards what you need to learn, and never think that spending lots  of money is the way into the industry - confidence, experience and attitude is key here.

Because of the under funding within education and the arts many young prospective actors think they cannot become an actor proffesionally because the fees of drama schools are in the main not covered by education loans. This may be unjust but it is what it is.

The good news is that given a level of talent, luck and determination the industry is very welcoming to those starting out - so all is not lost.

act4ward has been setup to help too, and if you work on an open work agreement may not even have a charge attached.  [That's the advert out the way].Training is good - but much of it can come from on the job experience and castings on websites orsocial media can give you all important access and experience.

This website is being setup for those starting out - many of whom simply cannot afford the training fee's or time to be at drama school .

It is to make the point that whilst you may gain vastly with formal training on an acting course with the leading schools - the fact that you cannot afford this should not stop you from your quest to act or perform. It is my belief that natural actors are born, and it's a driving force within them to do so. 

if however you believe that talent can be replaced by throwing money at it, or you are wanting to perform to become famous - you may well find it does not work for you.

Getting out there is key and hopefully this website and working with act4ward can help you on your way -  it's set up as an informal low cost option to encourage and not exploit.

As this website builds [as time allows] explanations of what you need [ and importantly what you don't] the pitfalls and the intelligent  short cuts will be covered in brief - working on act4ward will ofcourse cover in much more detail.

So welcome to William David ...



With kindest regards,




The Halfling project/act4ward/wildven.