The Basics:- Modelling 16+ & 18+


Modelling unlike acting relies less on character and all on looks. It's important to remember that models come in all shapes and sizes and ages. Modelling depicts life, culture, fashion. It can be  stills pictures, video or stage.It can also be for artists of all kinds It can be at public events or private exhibitions. It can be local or international, flat print or internet The modeling business is vast - but high paid contracts are for the select few. It has a "dark" side which leads to adult work and sexual dipiction. The point is you cannot group modelling as one simple career. If your thinking of giving it a go beware of scams and adult themed work.

Actors often model, often because of who they are and they may prefer bto not call it modelling - or as a way of making extra money when they are waiting for that next casting. It is flexiable and fun if you understand whats expected and enjoy being the centre of attention. If none of this has put you off then read on.....