act4ward introductive

with confidence comes progress

     Welcome to act4ward introductive for acting and drama an introduction to the work within act4ward. This free one day meeting is designed for those with an interest in drama and acting. It works to make those taking part [most often solo] comfortable with working infront of the camera be it stills or video -  and  expands range and knowledge of themselves and their talent. Importantly it is both safe and fun and best of all subject to selection and invitation free of charge. Open currently to boys or mixed groups in two age bands 8-16 and 16-25. The results are available for use by the participant [s] and within act4ward. Application is by e.mail with photo and details of participant and in the case of under 16's consenting adult.. All under16's must have parental approval and chaperone.

ai meetings are normally at the station - Ridgmont MK43 0XP




or via Social Media/Mandy - act4ward.