modelling introductive


with confidence comes progress

Modelling introductive has come about due to complaints from actors I work with starting out that openings for modelling work, often a considered option for those quiet moments in an actors career - has become near impossible unless your with an agency. Modelling sites and contact offers seem to revolve around entering the porn industry.

For girls this has been a constant problem - for boys it is now very hard to find photographers interested in working with them in their early stages unless they will work with nudity and often sexual depiction. 

Often offers made are via quite innocent castings in appearance or via an adult shooting photographer or "talent scout"

This work is legal and is not objected to as such - the problem is when there seems to be no other option unless you commision at your cost a professional photographer  to produce your portfolio and early samples.  This  again can be an issue as many scams operate in the new modelling sector.

Forr an original portfolio you ideally need a range of work inside and out from a range of photographers,or something like act4ward which ensures wide range and style types.


Also more often than not you need someone to explain the different genres and requirements as a model, not just in the UK but often worldwide.

Modelling introductive is set on a trial basis to see if by providing a safe informative shoot environment we can build up a range of modelling to be proud of.

The work is realistic to the general industry if that is the aim, and concentrates on range, confidence , posture image context etc.

The importance to an actor in particular to use photographers who are not shooting porn soon becomes apparent. Casting directors do check such things and the fact that the actor has not shot to that level does not count for much - how do they know this is true?

Part of the problem is early work can appear similar from all photographers - it is where it leads thats the issue.

So back to introductive - this is the plan - we set up a one day meet and shoot, normally in Bedfordshire. he we cover confidence range and build up an image set. 

Images can and probably will cover physique and pin up style as favoured by the industry as well as the traditional formal / casuel - but importantly they will remain strictly decent.

No model would beexpected to shoot to a level they are not happy with, and the reason for including a series of shots will be explained as we progress.

Currently available for  males 16+ [16-18 require [parental consent etc] the day has no charge and results are provided to the model for self promotion. In return the model agrees images may be seen with the work of William David. This is called a time for agreement.

More information can be found on both the websites and by contacting directly.