The Basics - Modelling - children

Modelling has always had a certain glamour about it - so it attracts hoards of girls and boys each year into giving it a try.

Sadly many fall pray to expensive scams - so great care has to be taken from the start.

Under 18's ofcourse are under parental control and that's part of the problem as they often pay out for shoots which do not result in any modelling work at all.

Fact is models are needed all  the time so there is a demand, but you have to get past the hype first.

Children and commercial work is a competitive businuss, but parents with determination can often find a way in. The child should be confident [which act4ward introductive can help with] happy to take part and comfortable infront of the camera. Parents must be realistic to commercial demands that can see their offspring in anything from a winter outfit to swimwear. 

I personally do not approve of glamour style work with under 18 girls but it's not unusual within reason.

Remember clients may not from England and different parts of the world have different attitudes toward age and image dress and depiction.

Boys often appear in catalogue style ranges of clothes, sports and leisure outfits and varios scenario's such as hobbies and holidays.

Starnow is a well known website for self promotion but can limit the range of work on a profile - which is ofcourse the selling space. You are certainly much better with an agency specialist in this work - but check their background and reputation - there should be no upfront fees.

Mumsnet social media is an excellent way of comparing experiences and getting advice parent to parent.

act4ward works mainly with boy [girls are very well catered for across the industry] from around 8 up.

The range and aims are discussed before an photo work of the prospective model - and can be limited as desired. All work is strictly suitable for age and approprate to the modelling demands likely to be found.